fixDock – Stylish and affordable

iRoom‘s fixDock is a permanent stylish in-wall dock made of beautiful glass and aluminum for your iPad that transforms it into a flush mounted touch panel at an attractive price.

NEW: Install fixDock with a hardwired internet connection

Requires iOS 9.3 and Apple lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter

Suitable for residential and
commercial installations

Simple, Secure & Design Element

Fix, flush mounted in-wall charging station for the iPad Air, iPad mini

Fits everywhere

Doesn´t matter if in the wall or
furniture, the fixDock with its high
end glass finish, looks great everywhere.

Design & Function

The fixDock can not only be integrated in walls, but also in furniture and tables! Whether as a music center, a TV via streaming, as an electronic photo frame or a sophisticated control panel, your iPad is always at your disposal, always charged. The fixDock can be installed with a hardwired data connection (requires iOS 9.3, Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, Apple USB Ethernet Adapter)

Get your fixDock now.