Say Goodbye to charging cables

uniDock is universal charging station for smart phones

Pull, Twist and Charge.

Using the uniDock, you´ll never have to worry about where you placed your device again. Your devices will have a home where you can always find them fully charged. Since you are used to have a cell or smartphone with you like your keys or wallet, you want to make sure you have enough power to get you through your day.

1. Universal charging station for mobile devices

2. Includes Apple Lightning Connector, Micro-USB-B and USB-A 2.0 connector

3. Micro-USB turning and sliding system

4. New or retrofit installation

5. Fits in standard electrical wall box

6. Wall pull-out / push-in rotation system

7. high-performance output 10W/2A – parallel charging of 2 devices

8. Integrated, adjustable night light with touch sensor

9. According to EU directive 1275/2008 „Green Power

10. Available in elegant white and black

Handy in all situations.

Design & Function

Venue hosts prefer a piece of furniture – rather than an appliance. The uniDock satisfies all these requirements through a brilliant combination of design and function. A simple and stylish mobile device charging station with an exclusive finishing which will complement your devices and your décor.

Get a uniDock now.